Can’t have it both ways

Reader Carol Cusumano sent in an interesting take on the conversation we’ve had this week about pastors politicking from the pulpit. She writes:

“Historically, black churches have been preaching from the pulpit since the ’60s and before. There have been times when Democratic nominees have addressed the congregation. This was acceptable because the message was social justice and the media agreed with everything said. Now, we are in an era when other churches are speaking out against some social issues that go against their belief system. Primarily, gay marriage and abortion come to mind.

“We have a right to freedom of religion, so a minister should be able to talk about the church’s opinion on certain matters without making it political. No one should stand at the pulpit and tell you who to vote for, nor any politician should stand at the pulpit and address the congregation. You can’t allow it for some and not for others.”

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