Churches and politics

More reader reactions on pulpit politicking:

From Mary Collier: “I thought one of the legal ground rules for churches receiving their tax-exempt non-profit privileges was to not use the pulpit as a political bully-pulpit.”

From Rebecca Jarvi: “I read that Trump recently met with Evangelical pastors and requested they urge their parishioners to vote for him. Do you think he was unaware of the tax laws prohibiting that?”

From Tom Deane: “Our pastor preached a whole sermon one Sunday about a misquoted statement Obama said, that we are no longer ‘just’ a christian nation. By the way, we are not. He spent the whole hour blasting the president for saying that, explaining how many Christians there are in this nation. I am sure if Obama were a Republican it would have never been mentioned. I never felt the same about the church. My reason to attend church is to worship our Lord and learn about the Bible. Not some pastor’s political opinions.”

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