COMMENTARY: Reacting vs. shooting

We got some interesting mail about the on how a new state law allowing guns in locked cars at workplaces won't extend to federal sites.

From Michael McManus: "I'm a four-year veteran of the Marine Corps with two years in a combat zone. My concern is not necessarily with the existence of concealed handguns as it is with the lack of situational training. I've taken the mandated 12-hour training (reduced to 8) for a concealed-carry permit and, in fact, had said permit (expired). All this training accomplished was to show you how to fire the weapon, not how to use it in a confrontational situation.

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"In Marine Corps boot camp we spent three weeks on the rifle range learning how to use our weapons — weeks, not hours. We next spent the remainder of our tours learning how to react to confrontational situations. I am not recommending that CCW holders spend years learning how to react to situations, but how about some training? Situations that might require the use of deadly force don't happen slowly, they erupt suddenly. You don't have time to mull them over and decide how to react. Just my thoughts."

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