Concerns about education

A reason to support Common Core

During World War II my family moved from Ohio to Indiana where I entered the 7th grade. To my surprise the 7th-grade curriculum in Indiana was a repeat of the 6th-grade curriculum in Ohio. I was so far ahead of my Indiana classmates that they considered moving me ahead to the 8th grade. Luckily, they didn’t.

With four weeks left in the school year my family moved back to Ohio. My grades nosedived and I barely was promoted because I had never encountered the things being taught in 7th grade in Ohio. I always figured I missed one whole year of my education.

In today’s highly mobile society it is essential that all state curricula be uniform to avoid situations like mine. If Common Core solves the problem, I’m all for it. — CARL BEYER, KETTERING

Personal responsibility and liberalism

Re “Anita Hill says saga raises question of accountability,” Sept. 2: Anita Hill and the liberal columnist Mary Sanchez raising a question about an ultra-conservative’s behavior and accountability (Supreme Court Justice Clarence Brown) is pretty laughable. For the most part, not being personally responsible and accountable for one’s individual choices and behavior is the hallmark of liberalism. Whether you choose to have children and can’t afford them, choose to take out a risky mortgage and can’t make the payments, choose to run up a massive credit card debt you can’t repay, choose to drop out of school, choose to abuse drugs, choose food stamps, welfare or Medicare fraud, choose to enter our country illegally, or break other laws, far too many people, especially liberals, want to ignore or deflect the blame and assign it elsewhere, expect to be bailed out, taken care of or otherwise given amnesty.

The Clintons had Whitewater, Travelgate, the Monica Lewinsky incident, Benghazi, etc. What accountability have we seen?

The Obama administration has had numerous problems such as the botched Obamacare roll out, hundreds of millions of wasted stimulus money, etc. Again, what accountability have we seen? — JOSEPH BRAFFORD, BEAVERCREEK

Speak up

If these misguided ISIS lunatics really want to re-establish a 9th-century caliphate, they shouldn’t be using trucks, automatic weapons, TV, videos and the Internet.

If I were ISIS I would take advantage of the next two years of this president’s term and start setting up cells in the U.S. to destroy this country from within. That is surely what they’re going to do and this president is more concerned about his tee time then he is protecting this country. I hate what he has done to this once great country. I’d like to fly my flag upside down if it wasn’t for the great men and women who still fight for our freedom.

The recent border crisis illustrates the utter depravity of the progressive movement. It is a purely political machine, without conscience, bent upon a single objective — the acquisition of power. As well, the Democrat Party is a machine whose gears are greased with the miserable poor, sometimes with the blood of destitute children.

President Obama said just because the JV puts on a Kobe Bryant shirt that doesn’t make them professionals. In comparison, look at the two Muslim Americans who joined ISIS, fought with ISIS and then died in combat for ISIS. It seems acquiring American citizenship by naturalization or birth doesn’t automatically make people Americans either.