Dressing for success

Reader Ernie Keppler dropped us a line on last week’s column about workplace attire.

“‘Dress for success’ is a thing of the past. Fifty some years ago I spent three years in the milk delivery business and a tie was a required part of the uniform. Through my years working as an engineer, I almost always wore a tie. I noticed that most of the successful engineers wore a tie as part of their daily dress. The only extended period when I have not worn a tie to work was when I was a contractor at GE Aviation for five years. My manager felt that a tie should only be worn on days you had a meeting with a customer representing the military. The last few years I have been a substitute school teacher and still have worn the daily tie. I have decided at the very young age of 77 I will retire, and my other work endeavors will not require the use of ties except for the occasional wedding or funeral.”

Indeed. Your thoughts? Email rrollins@coxohio.com.