Get D.C. drinking again

So, a writer at The Daily Beast, David Wondrich, thinks he’s found the answer to fixing the broken-down politics in our nation’s capital: politicians should start drinking together!

He’s only partly kidding, and makes a pretty good case — namely, in past eras politicians and policy-makers of all sides and sorts used to routinely socialize together. They therefore knew each other better, were friendly even when they disagreed, and didn’t make everything demonically personal.

“Maybe if they took a page out of history and started liquoring up in each other’s general proximity some of that partisan sparring might be laid aside,” he writes. “Besides, we get D.C. drinking again and what’s the worst that can happen? We end up with a bunch of sloshed senators. And I can’t for the life of me see how a drunken Charles Grassley would be any worse than a sober one. Who knows? He might even pass a bill, just for the sheer whoopee of it.”

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