How has NBC done on Olympic coverage?

Earlier this week, we shared criticism from of NBC’s Olympics coverage, asserting the network imposes falsely melodramatic narratives on stories, and slights non-American athletes, to satisfy a mostly white, middle-class primetime audience. Here’s what some readers told us.

From Bob Patterson: I have found no fault in the way the Olympics have been covered, but I have had less sleep.

From Will Lapp: I think that must have an agenda of some sort. My opinion is that NBC has been fair in their reporting of the Olympics.

From Craig Kalman: It's the National Broadcasting Company, not the International. What sets the Olympics apart from other sporting events is the four-year interval. I agree with NBC to humanize since often times the athletes, as well as the sport, are not well known. My complaint with NBC is their choice not to cover Kim Rhode, an American athlete with medals in six straight Olympics. Kim's sport is shooting. NBC will show every shooting on the news but turn their back on this accomplishment. Hmmm.

From Jim Denker: Much as I loved the Olympics during my childhood, the coverage of the games has grown more inclusive, more mature and more interesting overall. I started watching the Olympics in 1972. As much as I enjoyed the Munich games, ABC's experts were USA-centric in their coverage. …

The world has changed a lot since 1972 in ways that are bound to affect viewership, no matter how exemplary the coverage. First, we have countless viewing choices. Second, other nations have become much more competitive over time. Third, most of us have become more comfortable and accepting of other cultures, other nations, and other ethnic groups. Back then, the emphasis was on Caucasian athletes, primarily American. … Over the past week or so, I have noticed that the Olympic games now feature the diversity of nations and races so much better than before.

One major criticism of how the games are televised relates to the huge emphasis on the swimming events, the volleyball matches and the gymnastic competition, to the near exclusion of judo, fencing, equestrian, archery and other events. … Still, I love watching the Olympic Games and that certainly won’t change.