Keeping an eye on AI

Are you worried about the coming of artificial intelligence? Inventor and futuristic entrepreneur Elon Musk is, and he isn’t being quiet about it.

According to The Guardian, “Elon Musk has warned again about the dangers of artificial intelligence, saying that it poses ‘vastly more risk’ than the apparent nuclear capabilities of North Korea does. The Tesla and SpaceX chief executive took to Twitter to once again reiterate the need for concern around the development of AI, following the victory of Musk-led AI development over professional players of the Dota 2 online multiplayer battle game.”

Turns out Musk’s scientists created AI software that vastly outperformed human players of a complex computer game, and he says that’s meaningful. “This is not the first time Musk has stated that AI could potentially be one of the most dangerous international developments. He said in October 2014 that he considered it humanity’s ‘biggest existential threat.’” Musk works with a non-profit to monitor AI development with an eye toward protecting humanity.

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