Libraries and the future

Been to the libary lately? They’re changing — and yet, they’re also staying the same. The Los Angeles Times wrote about their place in the current culture.

“Even now, in this riven country, most Americans still agree on at least one institution. Mercifully, it’s the one that may just save us: the public library. In small towns and large, in red states and blue, libraries poll better across the political spectrum than any public trust this side of the fire department.

“Libraries aren’t perfect, but they’re evolving.” the Times wrote. “Things always get delicate when they redefine themselves as ‘more than just books’ because to some of us ‘just books’ will always sound like ‘just oxygen.’ But, in addition to their sacred role as an ark for endangered book culture, libraries already offer most of the services that society can’t or won’t otherwise provide. They’re career counselors, homeless shelters and Internet cafes, stopgap solutions to way too many of society’s problems.”

Voters still support them, and libraries remain the calm central meeting place in many communities. Do you still have a library card? Email me at

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