Looking toward Rio

Tuesday we mentioned a startling New York Times story focusing on Rio de Janiero’s huge funding, construction, crime and pollution woes leading up to the Summer Olympics.

Frequent correspondent Mary Collier wrote: “The same type of stuff is going on in our own country. The situation here is camouflaged more by the wealth, power and momentum we have had for so long. We also have poor fiscal policies, poor priorities, corruption, infrastructure, water, health, and environmental problems leading us on a downward trend. We also over-invest in sports and sporting events.”

I admit I hadn’t had thought of it that way. Email me at rrollins@coxohio.com.

An apology: Many of you noticed that due to a production error, Sunday’s “Balanced Views” syndicated columns were a repeat of Saturday’s feature. We’ll get back on our usual track with Leonard Pitts and George Will this week.