Losing the tie

What are you wearing to work these days? We’ve gotten a bit of mail about our recent observation on the changing nature of office attire. Reader Bruce Rosselot weighs in.

“Want to know what is in my closet? Best to ask what isn’t: collared shirts, suits of any kind, and absolutely no ties. Like reader Ernie Keppler, I was forced by my employers to wear a tie at jobs where it served no purpose. And quite frankly, I don’t know of any purpose a tie truly has. I have seen the tie lose its relevance in many occupations and I hope it continues.

“Pro football coaches once always wore a suit and tie, now they sport hoodies. Basketball, for whatever reason, seems to hold dear to the suit and tie, and the garb is out of place as evidenced by all the photos we sports fan have to endure of the coach, with his screaming, contorted face accessorized by his tie flying in the breeze. Give me a break! Where are you, Bobby Knight?”

Loosening your tie? Drop me a line at rrollins@coxohio.com.