Plenty of circus reactions

We got a bit of mail about the demise of the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

From Nick Lubbers: “Yes, I will miss the circus. The circus could have done better keeping up with the market share of family entertainment today. But today, what kills traditions the most? The abuse of the First Amendment. Too many minuscule groups, fueled by free speech, dictate changes for 99 percent of the population.”

This from Lawrence Jones: “No, I will not miss that circus. I recall seeing it at the Nutter Center with my two kids in 2000 and something. I and my daughter witness the show elephants being abused with handheld electro shock stunner. We protested to the proformer who did the show, but to no avail. We felt so sorry for the elephants. That was a big turn-off for my family since.”

From Robert Weller: “I am writing to you on behalf of my wife, Dianna, whose family was very involved with Ringling Bros. Two of her great-uncles were members of the circus band. We were certainly sad to see that they are closing down. We have such fond memories of our childhood days at the circus.”

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