Politics in the pulpit

Last week, my colleague Connie Post asked in this space how you feel about pastors talking politics from the pulpit. She got some interesting responses.

Jerry Oakley wrote: “I don’t think God would want them preaching their opinions, i.e. politics, from his pulpit. I feel that the religious right have hijacked Christianity. They think they have the high ground. Jesus came here to preach the Gospel to the poor. I have quit two churches in the last year because of their conservative views from the pulpit — even to repeating what Fox News has said, and that being a lie — like President Obama saying this is no longer a Christian nation. That was a lie, they parsed his words. These churches should just put up a sign outside saying ‘No Liberals wanted.’

“The last church I left, the pastor spent his whole sermon blaming liberals for taking God out of the Constitution. I moved on the next week.”

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