Reader shares thoughts on Duke adult-film student


A few days ago we mentioned the odd case, and attendant coverage, of a first-year Duke University student who turns out to be paying her $60,000-a-year tuition by working in the adult-film business.

A couple readers scoffed that the story was too tabloidy for proper attention, but we felt it touched on some interesting issues. Reader Charles K. Miller from Clark County agreed, sort of. He wrote:

“I say let it happen. It’s her legally earned money. For those who disagree, consider the following: If she was an abortion doctor using profits from legal abortions for tuition, would that be OK? What if she just wrote porn and was using profits from book sales to pay tuition? And what if this were Colorado and she was the owner of a legal non-medical pot shop using profits for tuition? Or even the owner of a bar or carry-out? Or even a casino owner? It’s all sin money in some people’s eyes, but one sin might be more acceptable than another. She might get a pass, she might not.”

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