Readers’ thoughts about Redskins name

On Wednesday, an appeal board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled the trademark registrations of Washington Redskins’ trademarks.

While the ruling may not immediately impact the ownership of the team, the Redskins name and the right to use it, lawyers say it means that it may be more difficult for owner Daniel M. Snyder to stop others from infringing on the trademark.

We posted the story on our Facebook page and here are some of our readers’ reactions:

Most native Americans don’t approve of the name. Most of the people clamoring to keep the name aren’t Native Americans. If the name was something demeaning to their ethnicity, my hunch is that many these people would change their tune. — TODD LUCAS

I demand the name “Fighting Irish” be changed! How disparaging to Irish! — BRAD BEERS

That’s ridiculous! Native American groups have said that the name is fine…it’s a bunch of people who think their beliefs are more deserving of respect than anyone else! PC police…grrrrrr — TZEITEL WATSON

Just let government take your freedom away……you don’t deserve it!!! — DANA BISHOP RN

I’m American Indian I’m proud to know that a Football team remembers the traditional Indian and that this is our home land. — CATHERINE STRANK

So is the government going to rename to (Mohawk) cruise missiles? — TONY ROBINETTE

I think they should become the Washington Teabaggers. — MICHAEL E. MILLER

This society is doomed. — WILLIAM B.E. DEARTH

Oh no my feelings are hurt, something needs to change to make me happy. And poof it happens. — ED BRUNS

So a football team name is offensive, but taking their land throughout history is OK? patent office apparently is run by idiots, just like the rest of the government. — DEBORAH GAIL RANDALL

I think people have way too much time on their hands to pretend to be offended over nothing. —JEREMY LOVY

It should have been changed ages ago. It baffles me that people find it so difficult to be respectful to others. — MICHELLE GUERIN

Maybe Washington will actually have a better team with a name change.. the Oilers moved and changed their name to the Titans and went to a Super Bowl. So did the Browns after they became the Ravens. —CHARLES WELLES

Speak up

The White House will honor 10 young adults who came to the United States illegally and qualified for the president’s program to defer deportation actions. Why stop there? Let’s open up the prisons and give them all medals. Any hardworking American trying to make ends meet, please queue up outside the White House so you can receive a slap in the face!

President Obama should do nothing to stop Islamic Forces from taking over all of Iraq just as Gerald Ford did when Viet Cong was advancing on Saigon. Civil war is domestic and others better keep out.

If GOP and Tea Party members of Congress thinks we need to go back into Iraq and Afghanistan, and also get our military involved in Iran and Syria let them, their children and grandchildren be the first to put on a uniform and go over there and fight as most of them have never served in the military and have not sacrificed anything for our country. All they do is run their mouth and wave their flags. Let them put their body and money where their mouth is.

I think it very funny that the politicians all talk about cutting Social Security for people who have paid into it their entire lives, but never talk about cutting welfare for those who have never paid a single dime into it.

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