Retired teacher: No guns

We wrote the other day about the Mad River Schools’ plan to put loaded weapons at the disposal of trained staff and teachers to grab in case of an active-shooter situation. Reader Bev Smith wrote in:

“As a retired public school teacher who taught high school for 30-plus years, I find the entire arming of America disturbing, sad, alarming and disgusting. Guns have no place in schools, and putting them there opens the door to more tragedies. Even constantly trained police officers often panic, shoot inaccurately or inappropriately. A teacher with a few hours of ‘training’” once a year or something is NOT capable of handling a gun in a place full of children.

“The number of truly verifiable instances of a ‘good guy with a gun’ actually ‘saving’ anyone is miniscule. Guns in schools, as well as guns in other public places, are simply another route to ‘accidents’ and tragedies! This is not the America I want for my grandkids!”

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