Showing Apple love

You know, there’s loving technology — and then there’s really loving technology.

The New York Times reported on a young man who’s definitely in the latter group. He’s showing his Mac love by creating his own museum of Apple computers. “A planned technology museum in Maine grew out of the curiosity of a 10-year-old,” the paper wrote. “In 2010, Alex Jason traded a minibike and an electric snowblower for an iMac G5 computer, in what turned out to be the start of a giant collection of vintage computer equipment, including 200 Apple machines. It is one of only a few dozen collections of its size and kind in the country.

“Alex, now 15, along with his father, Bill Jason, are planning to display the collection, known as Alex’s Apple Orchard, in a converted library in Fairfield, Me., soon to be the Maine Technology Museum.”

Apparently, he’s got some valuable rarities. Wish I’d saved some of my old hardware, now.

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