TODAY’S MODERATOR: Cameras made him a better driver?

More red-light and traffic camera thoughts from readers, responding to news that Dayton may bring back the controversial devices by placing officers at them in keeping with new state rules.

This from Joseph Pizza: "Traffic cameras do reduce traffic accidents and help keep our roads safer. No one likes receiving a notification from the city that you have been issued a summons for excessive speed or a red light violation. I know that from personal experience.

“I appealed my ticket and left feeling I was listened to by the hearing officer. I may not have liked the outcome, but the facts were accurately presented. Everything was very fair and business-like. I now do a better job of watching my speed and coming to a full stop when making a right turn on a red.

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“I am a better driver because of the experience. It was a lesson well learned. Let’s keep the cameras turned on and reduce traffic accidents. They do help without the need for an officer being present at the time of the violation. A speeding ticket is easier to manage than an accident due to speed.”

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