TODAY’S MODERATOR: We’re eating a lot less beef

What’s on your plate for dinner? According to reports, it probably isn’t beef.

The New York Times reported this week on "a new study points to one change that is starker than many have thought: Americans cut their beef consumption by 19 percent — nearly one-fifth — in the years from 2005 to 2014, according to research released on Wednesday by the Natural Resources Defense Council. The environmental group found that consumption of chicken and pork fell as well, though less drastically, as Americans ate more cheese, butter and leafy greens."

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Not only does this have an impact on our dietary health, but the story claims the less-beef trend also affects the environment: "The council is hailing the plummeting popularity of beef as a victory in the fight against climate change, because greenhouse gases are produced when cattle are raised. The group estimates that the resulting reduction in pollution would equal the emissions of 39 million cars, or about one-sixth of the number of cars registered in the United States in 2015," the paper writes.

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