TODAY’S MODERATOR: GM going all electric

This was either an “about time,” or a “didn’t see that coming.” On Monday, General Motors announced an all-electric future.

Says Wired, “After more than a century peddling vehicles that pollute … GM is ending its relationship with gasoline and diesel. The American automotive giant announced that it is working toward an all-electric, zero-emissions future. That starts with two new, fully electric models next year — then at least 18 more by 2023.

“That product onslaught puts the company at the forefront of an increasingly large crowd of automakers proclaiming the age of electricity and promising to move away from gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles. In recent months, Volvo, Aston Martin, and Jaguar Land Rover have announced similar moves. GM’s declaration, though, is particularly noteworthy because it’s among the very largest automakers on the planet. It sold 10 million cars last year, ranging from pickups to SUVs to urban runabouts.”

The change will happen gradually, depending on market and region, GM says. Your thoughts? Email

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