Two readers clash over Trump


Pro: Trump connects with the people

Well, it is apparent that the pundits still have not figured Donald Trump out. Now that it is down to Hillary Clinton and Trump, the big media is saying Trump no longer has a prayer. That he cannot win against the Clinton campaign machine.

What the media and the pundits have still not figured out is that “The People,” as in “We the People,” are fed up with political hacks who see the federal government as theirs to use as they please. The people are tired of listening to politicians on both sides of the political fence make claims that they are for the people and so they will do this and or that for the people. Then they get into office and totally ignore what they told “The People.”

Ask any combat/military veteran what the most important step they ever took in their career was and 19 out of 20 will tell you it was taking the oath. The oath, which is the same one that the president-elect recites in front of the world when that person takes office. Why do you think the politicians in Congress and the White House take that oath? The people of this nation understand what it means. Ask anyone what the first three words of the first paragraph of the Constitution of the United States of America are and they can quote: “We the People.”

Sadly, the vast majority of our professional politicians, have proven that they cannot take that oath and keep it. And that one reason so many people from all walks of life, all ethnicities, all religious beliefs, all philosophical bents, are holding up the one non-politician left in the race. The one real businessman who knows how to surround himself with well-educated and knowledgeable professionals and can balance their advice against the peoples’ desires for this country and their future.

Trump may not speak in “politician double speak,” but he does speak with the people and he will be a real change, not just another fake clown. JOHN D. SOSTROM, BEAVERCREEK

Con: Trump’s attacks on Warren hateful

Donald Trump’s jabs at Sen. Elizabeth Warren, over, of all things, her family lineage, and the way his supporters have gleefully jumped on that bandwagon, speaks volumes about the mindset of the whole Trump movement that is being inflicted on our country. They are posting pics of her in Indian headdress, Trump calls her Pocahontas, etc… This is what appeals to the Trumpers. Her grandparents told her they were part Indian. So what? My grandmother told me I was related to Joan of Arc, and I have told many people that — isn’t it a person’s right to speak about their own family lore? This is how family history has been handed down for generations, what is so strange or funny about it?

What is it about Republicans that they must take even the most banal things about their bitter enemy — liberals — and twist them in an absolute attempt to utterly vilify anyone who opposes them? They turned John Kerry’s valor in Vietnam into a liability. They just completely went down into the filthy gutter, and begrudged him his war wounds. They wound shamed him and mocked his Purple Heart.

But as he has shown throughout the primaries and now the upcoming general election, Trump simply makes up some insulting names, and retweets misinformation he got from some anti-government right wing website, and repeats it over and over. And his diehard fans just lap it up. TONI VEST, RIVERSIDE

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