A warning to dress warmer

Letters to the editor

A warning to dress warmer

I’m 13 years old and I’ll wear sandals, shorts and tee shirts in this weather if it goes unnoticed. I choose to wear these, but if my mom notices she’ll make me change. Recently, this habit changed when one of my friends almost got frostbite. He was properly dressed for getting on the school bus immediately, but he was outside for 20 minutes longer than he had expected. When the school bus still hadn’t come he went back inside. Once he was inside he took off his gloves and noticed his hands were turning from kind of white to blue. His mom noticed and took him to the ER, where he received frostbite treatment. He’s doing fine now.

I now notice the importance of wearing proper clothing for the season. It’s important to remember safety first and I hope people will learn from my friend’s mistake. Possibly next time assume you might be outside longer than you think and dress warmer.


Re Leonard Pitts commentary “You can see more clearly by closing both your eyes,” Feb. 14: Michael Dunn clearly over-reacted. No doubt about it. Shooting someone is way over-reacting to a relatively minor issue. (I don’t believe he saw a gun either, but I was not there.)

However, complaining about loud music is not an over-reaction. It is widely known that loud music is, in fact, deemed inconsiderate by most mature people.

Turning down the volume until at least leaving the gas station would have been the considerate thing to do. Becoming sassy or belligerent in any manner to such a request is also an inappropriate over-reaction. However, that’s exactly how these minor things escalate. A little consideration and civility at the beginning of these events would go a long way to eliminate tragedy.

Let’s get some of that message out there too, instead of who is the most at fault after the escalation. E.g., Make an effort be considerate of others in the first place.


Speak up

Re school lunch programs: Forty four percent of families qualify for free or subsidized school lunch programs, meaning 800,000 Ohio kids qualify. Anyone who really believes that all these families truly qualify must really be out to lunch.

Re “Death penalty debate rages,” Feb. 24: So there’s concern about lethal injection? There are some very low-cost options that are just as effective — hanging and the firing squad. The solution is simple; don’t make it so difficult.

Watching Democrats on the talk shows is laughable. They ignore answering any question they are asked and revert right to their talking points. They must think the people who watch these shows are complete idiots.

Re “We lean toward Clinton, for now,” Feb. 24: Ron Rollins’ moderator should have ended after his opening sentence. Does anyone really believe a poll today reflects the nation’s mood in 2016 or is this just another attempt to pass along personal preferences as scientific fact? We’ll be besieged with the campaign soon enough. Stick to talking about real, current national issues and leave the future to the tarot cards.

Re “Millions in Ohio still out of a job,” Feb 15: The report shows the sham of today’s bias reporting. Not a mention of the Obama administration’s lack of creating an environment to help grow the private sector. Plus, the only personal example given is an immigrant on a spousal visa who can’t work and is in a field which would be better suited in a major media market than in Ohio. Pathetic.