What about Iraqi victims?

Reader Ned Ford was among the many who wrote in about Tony Blair’s recent defense of the Iraq War:

“It’s unfortunate that we are haunted by the past, but it becomes less of a burden if we own up to mistakes. Today’s Republican rhetoric seeks to distract people from remembering such mistakes as ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction.’

“This political flim-flam has reached absurd proportions. … I find it particularly tragic that while we often hear about the low casualties experienced by the U.S., there is almost never mention of the extreme penalty paid by civilians in Iraq. A reasonable estimate is that 130,000 civilians died in 11 years. Patriotism cannot be the justification for ignorance. It is fashionable to ignore inconvenient truths and the Republicans spearhead this trend, whether the subject is military engagement, economic recovery or climate response. It should not be so”

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