What about speed cameras?

More views on red-light cameras, sharing from our readers.

This from C. Benson: “I agree with Doris Stoner’s view on red light cameras. I wouldn’t care if there was one at every intersection. Everyone knows what color the light is when they start through the intersection and you get a picture to show you.

“What I don’t agree with is the speed cameras, because you cannot truly fight a ticket from them. If they are not calibrated correctly you can’t prove it. By the time you get your ticket and question it, they can re-calibrate it. I received a ticket from one of these cameras that said I was going 47 mph in a 35 zone. I know for sure that I was not going that fast because of the amount of traffic and if that is the case, every vehicle on the street at that time should have gotten a ticket. I know other people who have gotten tickets from these cameras and said the ticket read 47 in a 35. Seems funny that everyone goes the same speed. Has anyone ever done a study to see what the speeds of most of the tickets are?

“So I give an OK on red light cameras and a definite no on speed cameras.”

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