While Hillary Clinton may scoff at the idea of not doing “stupid stuff” in foreign policy, she should be reminded of her very stupid vote to go to war in Iraq. The unfortunate repercussions of that stupid vote still plague us today.

Have you noticed that President Obama is willing to get in front of cameras and read a prepared speech, but he won’t stick around and answer any questions, not even softball questions from his adoring mainstream media so-called “journalists”?

John Boehner blames the White House for starting the President Obama impeachment talk, conveniently ignoring conservatives like Sarah Palin who have been rallying conservative support for years preaching Obama impeachment. Impeachment of Obama is a high priority for every Tea Party member. For political reasons, the White House, of course, has embraced the conservative drum beat as a way to raise support as any good politician would, even as Boehner tries to create his own reality telling America that, “we conservatives aren’t asking for impeachment,” as he listens to Palin’s speeches and reviews Tea Party “to do” lists.

President Obama keeps repeating that there will be no American boots on the ground in Iraq, yet no one anywhere has called for that. Air power and weapons for the Kurds, more of both than we are now contributing, is what is required to help defeat ISIS.

President Obama’s lack of leadership is what enabled ISIS to become as dominant as they are. So now it’s his responsibility to come up with a long-range plan to put them out of business.

I just read about the new GOP plan to help the poor and would like to add an additional suggestion. Since the GOP abhors any public subsidy program unless it is for corporations and since the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people, why don’t they simply allow the poor to incorporate? Problem solved.

Re the Ebola virus: A recent Speak Up commenter is of the opinion that any criticism about returning those missionaries back to the United States for treatment is from curmudgeons that cannot appreciate the good works those folks were doing in Africa. They also stated that even if there were a risk of spreading infection, they should be brought back anyway because we would do no less for soldiers. I am not sure about the analogy between prisoners of war and people capable of spreading an infection that could wipe out more than half of humanity if the virus ever got out into the open (think Jurassic Park). Compassion is one thing; stupidity is quite another.

It may have been an accident in the sense that Tony Stewart didn’t intend to kill the other driver, but anyone who thinks that he wasn’t trying to send him a message needs to think about it some more.

Thank you, Mike Turner, for doing what you were elected to do — represent the people of this area and all those who were not in favor of flooding our community with the influx of migrant youths who would perhaps not always have the best intentions for our citizenry. It’s a relief that sensible politicians really do exist.

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