Otto Warmbier ‘didn’t die from working hard,’ local lawmaker says

Congressman Warren Davidson told News Center 7's Steve Baker that the United States cannot "let things like this pass," speaking on North Korea's action involving the late Otto Warmbier.

“It’s just really tragic,” Davidson said. “By all accounts a really sharp young man. Took a tour to China and North Korea, allegedly made a bad decision and stole a poster, but is sentenced to 15 years hard labor. But it wasn’t just hard labor he was subjected to; he didn’t die from working hard. He died because he was mistreated by the people of North Korea.”

Davidson called North Korea a “bad apple” and said he believes more could have been done earlier to get Warmbier, 22, home.

“I am thankful he was able to get home. His family was able to see him and comfort him,” Davidson said. “I’m thankful he was able to be near his family when he died.”

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Credit: Jon Chol Jin

Credit: Jon Chol Jin

Davidson said Congress is supportive of the directive of President Trump and the Secretary of State when it comes to North Korea.

“They have taken the issue seriously,” Davidson said of the current administration.

Death of Otto Warmbier, former N. Korean detainee, draws international reaction

“North Korea is threatening us with weapons, nuclear weapons that in the 90s they promised they weren’t developing,” Davidson said.

Earlier today, President Donald Trump spoke out saying it was a “disgrace” what happened to Warmbier.

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