PNC enhances ATM security measures for chip cards

PNC Bank is rolling out security upgrades to 9,000 of its ATMs, including some in Dayton.

The upgrades allow ATMs to read “chip” cards, which are harder to counterfeit than traditional magnetic stripe-only cards, according to Ken Justice, senior vice president and ATM executive. The rollout will be completed by mid-September.

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Beginning Oct. 1, the fraud liability for MasterCard will shift to the ATM owner, making it essential that all machines are up to date, Justice said. Visa will shift liability in October 2017.

Other improvements to ATMs for convenience include the option of receiving a receipt via email rather than printing one at the ATM, an enhanced screen with easier to read and use “buttons” and personalized options to speed through ATM usage.

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The changes will affect some ATM machines in Dayton. In Southwest Ohio, more than 400 ATMs will be updated with the new security measures.