Police: Woman assaulted in park, suspect arrested

Sidney Police tell News Center 7 they have arrested a suspect in the sexual assault of a woman who was attacked in a park.

Police say the woman was walking in Roadside Park Wednesday evening when a man grabbed her from behind, used a taser to subdue her, then forced her to a secluded area near a boat ramp. Police say he then showed her a gun and sexually assaulted her. He the threw her into the water, and took her cell phone and left, police say.

The victim climbed out of the water and met a resident walking a dog in the 800 block of South Ohio Avenue. They helped her and police were called. The victim was taken to the hospital.

Police say officers searching Roadside Park found property belonging to the suspect, and residents in a nearby neighborhood helped police find the victim’s cell phone at Brown Park on Clay Street. Using neighbors’ surveillance cameras, police say they saw the vehicle the suspect was driving when he threw the cell phone out the window. From a license plate on the video, police say they identified the suspect as 43-year-old Jeremy Lee Taylor, who lives on Shenk Road near Sidney. Taylor was arrested during a traffic stop in Sidney Thursday morning.

Shelby County deputies and Sidney police detectives searched Taylor’s home, and say they found a handgun and collected clothing items.

Police say the case was solved quickly because of the quick response of alert citizens who got involved. They say the investigation continues, and ask that anyone with further information call them at (937) 498-2351 or Crime Stoppers at (937) 492-8477.