Protesters gather in Trotwood to protest death of George Floyd

Protesters gathered in Trotwood this morning to protest the death of George Floyd. Rob Dejene, a Trotwood resident,  created the flyer for the event with the goal of encouraging Trotwood city officials to speak up about the protests. A reporter on scene indicated there may be nearly 1,000 people present at the protest.

“My entire goal was to make the city say something and I think we accomplished that,” Dejene said. Trotwood Mayor Mary McDonald recently spoke out about the protests.

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“As I watched the video of Mr. Floyd’s murder, I couldn’t help but cry,” McDonald said. “Mr. Floyd cried out for his mother. I’m a mother, and I was reminded of the many times that I’ve been concerned about my own son and his safety. For a brief moment, I personally could not breathe. Mr. Floyd’s cry is the nightmare no mother wants to hear or ever experience.”

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Dejene said that it is the right of the people of Trotwood to speak up about George Floyd’s death.

“It’s our duty as a thriving black community to stand up for injustices for people who look like us throughout the world,” Dejene said.

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