The Museum at the Friends Home in Waynesville is among the locations where Paravizionz Paranormal has searched for ghosts or spirits.
Photo: Staff Writer
Photo: Staff Writer

Ghost hunters gathering in Warren County

The Pioneer Paranormal Meet & Greet is to feature teams from Kentucky and Ohio, as well as vendors in equipment and other accessories for paranormal research.

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“We’re bringing people from all walks of paranormal,” organizer Lee Allen of Paravizionz Paranormal in Waynesville.

Allen said 15 vendors paranormal teams from Kentucky, Ohio research suspected paranormal activity, psychic mediums are expected for the event at the Museum at the Friends Home, 407 High St. in Waynesville.

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Walking ghost tours will also be offered.

The free event is also intended to draw people to shops and restaurants in Waynesville, Allen said.

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Over the past 15 years, Allen said he and his team have investigated reports of ghosts or spirits at locations including Kings Island Amusement Park in Mason, Victoria Theater in Dayton and the Friends Home in Waynesville.

Calls typically come from people working on old buildings.

“They start to see crazy things happening,”’ he said.

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Believers and non-believers are welcome.

“I love skeptics,” Allen said, explaining anyone who believes in God should also believe in ghosts and spirits.

“You’ve got to believe. You might not think you do.”