Report: The 10 Highest Property Taxes by State

If you’ve ever wondered how your property taxes stack up against neighboring states, it’s easier than ever to find out.

Finance site WalletHub has compiled a state-by-state breakdown of property taxes based on several factors including:

  • Annual taxes on a $205,000 home
  • State median home values
  • Effective real estate tax rates

To come up with the data, WalletHub says it analyzed real estate taxes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. For further insight, the site says it also consulted property tax experts.

Let’s look at the states with the 10 highest property taxes, according to WalletHub.

States With the Highest Property Taxes

State Effective Real Estate Tax Rate Annual Taxes on $205K Home
New Jersey 2.47% $5,064
Illinois 2.30% $4,705
New Hampshire 2.20% $4,498
Connecticut 2.11% $4,317
Wisconsin 1.91% $3,904
Vermont 1.88% $3,853
Texas 1.81% $3,703
Nebraska 1.77% $3,634
New York 1.71% $3,497
Rhode Island 1.66% $3,407

See the complete list of states at

Final Thoughts

No matter how much you pay in property taxes each year, you should make sure you’re not paying more than your fair share. If your assessment or property tax bill takes a big jump from one year to the next, it’s time to take a closer look.

And sometimes you can do something about it. Take these steps to lower your property taxes.

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