5 retailers that are boosting their own private label brands to stay competitive

Competition, heightened by e-commerce, has driven more retailers to invest in private label merchandise.

Private labels are notorious for adding exclusivity that builds customer loyalty, all while keeping profit margins high without suppliers taking their cuts.

Here are five retailers who have bolstered their private label selections to stay ahead of the curve.

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1. Amazon

Amazon recently added two new lines of private label home decor brands and a consumer medical device line called Choice. The online giant has been quietly rolling out new products under its popular private label AmazonBasics, including technology, motor oil, luggage and mattresses in recent months.

2. Kroger

Kroger’s Simple Truth and Kroger branded products may be among the most popular in private labels in the Miami Valley, but the company has also expanded outside of grocery products in recent months, adding a private label clothing brand Dip.

3. Target

Target has relied on private label for years but has added more than a dozen since the beginning of 2017, including apparel lines Wild Fable and Original Use. It recently pushed into a low-cost exclusive brand named Smartly. Most of the items in the line cost less than $2.

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4. Walmart

Walmart’s Great Value private label is another popular name among Miami Valley shoppers, but the store has other older private labels that have become common household names like Ol’ Roy dog food. The company recently launched four new exclusive fashion brands including Time and Tru, Terra & Sky, Wonder Nation and George.

5. Aldi

Aldi has been known as a private-label powerhouse since it first began, which has helped lead the company to rapid expansion despite technology massively disrupting the grocery industry. The company advertises that consumers never have to pay full price for name brand products when they can take advantage of Aldi’s “exclusive brands, tested again and again to meet or beat the big brands’ quality.”

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