Richardson baby’s remains buried in Franklin Twp. cemetery

As promised to a Warren County Common Pleas judge almost two weeks ago, the remains of a baby delivered by Brooke Skylar Richardson in May 2017 were buried this morning in Franklin Twp.

A Franklin Twp. official said that the remains of the baby whom Richardson named Annabelle were buried this morning in a private ceremony.

Warren County Coroner Dr. Russell Uptegrove confirmed the remains had been released last week to the Richardson family. The remains had been seized as evidence and were held at the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office.

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Richardson gave birth in secret to the baby on May 7, 2017, took her outside and buried her in the backyard. The remains were recovered more than two months later after police were notified by an OB-GYN that Richardson told doctors she gave birth to a baby and buried her.

She was convicted of abuse of corpse after her high-profile two-week trial earlier this month for burying the baby.

Richardson had been charged with aggravated murder, involuntary manslaughter and child endangering after prosecutors accused her of murdering the baby. She was acquitted on those charges on Sept. 12 after a two-week trial. Richardson was credited for serving seven days in jail and placed on three years community control.

Defense attorney Charles M. Rittgers told the court the Richardson family wanted to give the remains a proper burial and had already obtained a burial plot.

At Richardson’s sentencing hearing Sept. 13, Judge Donald Oda II ruled that the remains would go to the Richardson family.

The family of the baby’s father, Trey Johnson, had also requested the remains. Johnson’s mother, Tracy, gave an emotional statement before Richardson’s sentencing on Sept. 13, saying the past two years have been extremely challenging for the family.

“Mr. Richardson,” Oda said, addressing Richardson’s father, Scott, “do I have your word those remains will be buried properly and that there is going to be access by the Johnson family so they can pay their respects?”

Scott Richardson said yes.

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