Ross Schools now out of school security tax group

It appears one of the Butler County school districts that previously announced it would be part of a school security tax levy has now redrawn.

Officials with Ross Schools said Tuesday the district will not join five others in placing a 1.5-mill school security tax hike on the fall ballot.

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Scott Gates, superintendent of Ross Schools, said the school board voted Monday to not join the collective effort, which so far includes Hamilton, Fairfield, New Miami, Monroe and Edgewood school districts.

Under a new Ohio law that created the school security tax option, state-designated “local” school systems, such as Ross, must also have their boards specifically approve a resolution vote to opt out of any new school taxing district.

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Gates said the board is now scheduled to take that vote on Thursday.

“Since we are a local school district, we are automatically part of the tax district. Due to this law, the school board must pass a resolution to opt out of the tax district,” said Gates.

Ross officials in June had originally told officials with Butler County Educational Services Center, which oversees the creation of a new school taxing district, they would be joining the collective tax ballot issue.

Voter approval of the new security tax would bring specifically designated tax dollars to fund school safety improvements within participating school systems.

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