‘She was loved everywhere:’ Owner of The Last Queen in Enon reacts to Queen Elizabeth II’s death

British native Adrian Shergill, owner of The Last Queen gastropub in Enon, said news of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing has left him sad for his country, but in awe of Her Majesty’s legacy.

“It’s one of those things that you know is inevitable, but when it happens, it really strikes you,” he said Thursday afternoon. “It’s really hard to sum up my emotions because she’s been my queen all my life.”

Shergill and his wife, Maggie, along with their children, moved to Ohio from Southampton, a maritime city in the south of England, in August 2021. The family then opened the gastropub, which is named after Queen Elizabeth.

“The name was a nod to her; the idea of calling it The Last Queen and wondering whether she might be the last queen, at least in my lifetime,” Shergill said. “She’s been a very respected individual in our family … I think she was just a phenomenal, amazing lady, and very faithful to the country and to God.”

Shergill shared a memory in which one of his daughters had written a letter to Queen Elizabeth, inviting her to tea. “Buckingham Palace actually responded back and sent us a letter, so we have that hanging at our pub,” he said.

Reflecting on what the future may hold for his home country, Shergill said he believes there will be an initial grieving period for all citizens.

“Obviously, the throne will go to Charles, so we’ll see how that plays out,” he said. “But, I think for the next week or so, the country is going to be in mourning and reflecting on the impact that she’s had.”

“The thing is, I don’t think she was just the Queen of England, I think she was loved everywhere.”

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