Skydiver has close call during local Memorial Day event

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Skydiver cuts main chute and uses reserve chute to deliver American flag at Middletown's Memorial Day ceremonies on Monday. Goes with HJN story with same slug.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A skydiver ran into parachute problems during the Memorial Day event in Middletown, forcing him to deploy his reserve parachute to safely land.

Team Fastrax skydiver Larry LeMaster, of Flatwoods, Ky., told this news outlet that his main parachute became tangled and did not completely open as he descended to the ground.

He was forced to use his reserve parachute to land, he said.

“I had to cut to release the main canopy because it became unlandable. I flew down on my reserve ‘chute,” LeMaster said.

John Hart of Team Fastrax said accuracy canopies can shift and have a line over it when flying with a flag.

“It happens. That’s why you train, prepare and move on when this happens,” he said. “It happened to me three years ago when I was flying a flag at UC (University of Cincinnati).”

Hart said LeMaster’s canopy, which costs about $4,000 each, was found not too far away and returned.