Springfield man taps maple trees on High Street to make homemade syrup

A Springfield man has started tapping maple trees on his property in order to make his own syrup and become more self-sustainable.

Jesse Crawford has added 10 taps to his five maple trees on his property along High Street in Springfield. He said he began looking into how to tap the trees about a year ago.

“I’m lucky enough to be blessed with some wonderful trees on the property and I think as a family, over the last year or so, we have become more interested in living more self-sustainably and we thought making our own maple syrup would be a great introduction into that lifestyle,” Crawford said.

Crawford said he researched how to tap and make syrup over the last couple of months before tapping his first tree this week.

Making syrup takes time, he said, and he started boiling about 10 gallons of sap this week, which requires about eight hours of boiling.

“And it takes about 40 to 50 gallons to get a gallon of syrup,” Crawford said.

Crawford said the experience so far has been “fun” and he has every intention of continuing to do it.

“My two little girls are helping me out. They think I’m a little crazy but I hope to show them when we get a final product that they will be really impressed and kind of buy into what God has blessed us with these beautiful trees,” Crawford said.

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