Lt. Col. Andrea O’Connor is the new 10th Field Investigations Squadron commander. (U.S. Air Force photo/Rich Oriez)

Squadron’s commander shares her thoughts on new position

Lt. Col. Andrea O’Connor assumed her position as commander of the 10th Field Investigations Squadron at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on July 20. O’Connor previously served as director of the Air War College Preparatory Course, International Officer School, Maxwell AFB, Alabama.

Prior to her assignment at Maxwell AFB, she was the commander of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations Detachment 111, Edwards AFB, California.

The Office of Special Investigations is the Air Force’s only investigative agency that handles military-related, felony-level crimes, counterintelligence matters and any criminal activity that involves fraud on Air Force installations in the Unites States, overseas and deployed locations.

AFOSI is similarly structured to the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Military parallels are the Naval Criminal Investigative Services (Navy) and the Criminal Investigation Division (Army).

The 10 FIS’ area of responsibility includes the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania and some Air National Guard and Reserve locations in Kentucky.

O’Connor shared her thoughts about her new position at Wright-Patterson AFB:

My first priority is to continue to be a good partner and provide good support to the wing as well as all the units in our area of responsibility.

My second priority is to identify and neutralize any potential threats on base that could affect Air Force families or Air Force assets.

If we don’t promote an environment of professionalism, courtesy and trust, it would make it hard for people to come to us with sensitive information. It is important to me and the rest of my team to make individuals feel that they can come to us and we will take their concerns seriously.

For matters that involve non-military members, we have great relationships with all the local law enforcement organizations. If a situation occurs off base and has an Air Force nexus, we may run a joint investigation with local law enforcement or the appropriate state or federal agency.

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