WATCH: Former Ohio State football player tased, arrested

Former Ohio State Buckeye Kirk Barton was tased by a Delaware County Sheriff’s Office deputy Friday night at the Bogey Inn and was subsequently arrested and charged.

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According to the Delaware County Sheriff Public Information Officer, Bogey Inn management asked special detail deputies to remove Barton from the restaurant/bar because he was intoxicated and knocking over people -- due to his large size and stumbling.

Deputies then escorted Barton, without incident, to a waiting taxi van and he entered the vehicle. The driver asked Barton for his address, but he was unable to provide it.

The driver asked for his license, and Barton handed a credit card to the driver. The deputy attempted to help Barton retrieve his driver’s license from his wallet when Barton handed his driver’s license to the taxi driver.

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At that point, according to deputies, the Taxi driver handed the license to the deputy and asked him to read the small print/address to him -- when Barton took ahold of the van door and slammed it into a deputy’s arm, nearly knocking him over.

At that time according to body cam video worn by deputies, Barton, who can be seen in the back of a taxi, is asked to get out, but doesn’t comply with the order of the deputies. He is warned he will be tased, and after being asked several times, to exit, the tasers are deployed and he is put in cuffs shortly thereafter.

Barton is charged with felonious assault of an officer and resisting arrest. He will be arraigned at 4 p.m. Friday.