Take survey: Have you challenged your home’s tax appraisal?



A reappraisal completed this year already showed Montgomery County residential property values increasing even before the state ordered the county auditor to adjust values upward to an average of 15.5%.

According to July figures from the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office, 70% of residential properties gained taxable value and more than 81,000 properties saw double-digit percentage gains even before the state’s higher number was factored in.

The tentative values released in July prompted the owners of 4,021 parcels to ask the auditor for an informal review – most owners believing the county valued their property too high. Nearly half — 1,982, or 49% — resulted in the county decreasing the taxable value; 1,805, or 45%, were unchanged; and 234, about 6%, resulted in an increase, according to the Auditor’s Office.

Property owners can also file a complaint after Jan. 1 with the Board of Revision.

If you met with the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office to challenge the tax value of your residence, or plan to file a complaint with the Board of Revision, the Dayton Daily News would like to hear from you by completing the survey below. A reporter may call you seeking additional information.

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