Taxi drivers call for Uber ban at Dayton airport

A group of taxi drivers at the Dayton International Airport have petitioned the city to prohibit Uber from picking up passengers at the terminal.

More than 35 drivers representing a variety of companies signed a document requesting that the city take action to improve their work conditions.

Drivers say it is unfair that Uber can pick up travelers at the airport without having to pay the airport fees and follow the same regulations as taxi operators.

The drivers also have asked to be allowed to access the terminal to use the restroom and patronize retail businesses.

Shannon Walters, a driver with Dayton Express Taxi, said 43 drivers are forced to use two porta-potties that are not cleaned regularly.

Walters said taxi drivers must pay a fee to the airport for every customer, which makes it hard to compete with Uber.

“We have permits here and pay fees they don’t,” she said. “At least let us work the airport Uber-free.”

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