I-Team Payroll Project: Central State’s highest paid employees

Part of Central State University’s strategy to climb out of fiscal watch included trimming its administrative staff and cutting payroll 20 percent without hurting academics.

An I-Team analysis of CSU’s payroll found the total amount paid to the school’s 10 highest paid employees went down by $29,000 from 2015 to 2016.

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The university had only 14 employees last year who made more than $100,000. Only the university president grossed more than $200,000.

Wright State University – which is now in worse financial health than Central State – paid 530 people more than $100,000 last year, including 73 paid more than $200,000. Ohio State University paid 13 employees more than $1 million last year.

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Central State’s 10 highest paid employees last year were:

1. Cynthia Jackson-Hammond, President: $260,745

2. Subramania Sritharan, Interim Assoc Dir Research: $180128

3. Charles Ford, Provost & VP- Academic Affairs: $138,125

4. Fidelis Ikem, Dean/College of Business: $125,000

5. Karen Mathews, Executive Director: $112,899

6. Augustus Morris, Associate Professor: $111,635

7. Jahan Culbreath, Dir. Ath. Int VP Inst. Adv.: $110,000

8. Lovette Chinwah, Associate VP Academic Affairs: $107,999

9. Abayomi Ajayi-Majebi, Professor: $104,582

10. Cadance Lowell, Professor: $103,411

Go here for a searchable database of all Central State employees compensated more than $50,000 in 2014, 2015 and 2016 — as well as in numerous other local and state public agencies.


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