Clayton City Manager Richard Rose

I-Team Payroll Project: Clayton’s highest paid employees

The city of Clayton paid 32 employees more than $50,000 last year, mostly in the police and fire departments, according to the I-Team Payroll Project searchable database of public employee payroll.

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City manager Richard Rose was again the city’s highest paid employee, grossing $124,332 last year. In 2015, he was the only city worker who earned six figures; last year, he was one of three.

Local governments make payroll with your money, which is why the I-Team has assembled a searchable database of public employee pay in the region.

The five highest paid city of Clayton employees last year were:

1. Richard Rose, city manager: $124,332

2. Kevin Schweitzer, finance director: $101,657

3. Matthew Hamlin, chief of police: $100,252

4. Brian Garver, fire chief: $99,802

5. Daniel Hamlin, sergeant: $90,472

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