I-Team Payroll Project: How much are your kids’ teachers paid?

Taxpayers pay the equivalent of $74 for every student in the Oakwood City School District just to cover the base salary of its superintendent, Kyle Ramey.

This is according to an I-Team analysis of Ohio Department of Education pay data made searchable online with the I-Team Payroll Project. Click here to search the database for the salaries of 13,434 employees of 116 area school districts whose base pay was at least $50,000 in the 2015-2016 school year.

This includes nearly 9,000 teachers. One teacher at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center made more than $100,000. Forty-five area teachers made more than $90,000; four of the six highest paid worked at Oakwood schools.

The highest paid employees in the region were mostly school superintendents, whose total compensation exceeds the Ohio Department of Education data because their contracts include perks and annuities.

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The highest paid local educator, for example, was Mason City Schools superintendent Gail Kist-Kline. Her contract, signed last year, says that in addition to her $176,868 salary she is to receive a $15,000 annual annuity, and the school district picks up her share of her retirement contribution.

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An I-Team investigation last year found these contract perks far exceed what educators make in other parts of the country – making up for the fact local school top-administrators generally earn less than the national average in base salary.

Here is the base salary for the 10 highest paid public school superintendents in the region:

1. Gail Kist-Kline, Mason City Schools

Salary: $176,868

Enrollment: 10,648 ($16.61 per pupil)

2. Karen Mantia, Lakota Local Schools

Salary: $165,000

Enrollment: 15809 ($10.43 per pupil)

3. Kyle Ramey, Oakwood City Schools

Salary: $155,324.00

Enrollment: 2,082 ($74.60 per pupil)

4. Robert Hill Springfield City School District

Salary: $152,500

Enrollment: 7,778 ($19.60 per pupil)

5. Lori Ward, Dayton City Schools

Salary: $150,000

Enrollment: 13,317 ($11.26 per pupil)

6. Anthony Orr, Hamilton City Schools

Salary: $145,000

Enrollment: 10,123 ($14.32 per pupil)

7. Dennis Morrison, Xenia Community City Schools

Salary: $144,990

Enrollment: 4,274 ($33.92 per pupil)

8. Brian Clifford, West Carrollton City Schools

Salary: $143,489

Enrollment: 3724 ($38.53 per pupil)

9. Mark North, Lebanon City Schools

Salary: $142,000

Enrollment: 5,485 ($25.88 per pupil)

10. Scott Inskeep, Kettering City Schools

Salary: $141,780

Enrollment: 7,876 ($18 per pupil)


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