I-Team Payroll Project: Miami University’s highest paid employees

As Miami University’s overall fiscal health remains stable, pay for its top administrators is rising, according to an I-Team analysis of payroll data for the public university.

Miami’s highest paid employee last year was football coach Charles Martin, whose $529,401 pay last year was $62,800 higher than he received in 2015.

The second-highest earner, David Hodge, retired as university president in June 2016 but still managed to make $2,211 more than he did the year before. His gross salary last year was $436,101.

But the 71 Miami University employees who grossed more than $200,000 last year and the 13 who grossed more than $300,000 is about on par with 2015, the data shows.

Miami University is considered one of the most financially stable public universities in the state, according to a rating the state uses that looks at things such as debt and reserves.

This score is used to determine whether a school will be placed on "fiscal watch," a designation Central State University is climbing out of and Wright State University may be headed toward.

The five highest paid employees at Miami University last year were:

1. Charles Martin, head football coach: $529,401

2. David Hodge, president emeritus: $436,101

3. Matthew Myers, dean and professor, Farmer School of Business: $373,635

4. David Creamer, senior vice president, Finance and Business Services: $365,522

5. Thomas Boulton, Lindmor professor, finance department: $351,046


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