I-Team Payroll Project: Sinclair College’s highest paid employees

The highest-paid employee at Sinclair Community College last year was the school’s president, Steven Johnson, who received $411,570, an I-Team review of payroll records shows.

Johnson’s pay was higher than Central State University’s president, but shy of presidential compensation at Miami University or Wright State.

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Administrators topped Sinclair’s payroll. The 11 highest-paid employees had the name “president” or “provost” in their title. The top grossing faculty member ranked 13th: biology professor J. Michael Erbe, who made $139,121 last year.

Johnson said earlier this year that Sinclair’s financial health is good, though he worries about possible impacts from financial turmoil at Wright State, where a majority of Sinclair students go to complete a four-year degree.

Sinclair is projected to hand out 4,600 degrees this year – a record – and expects to set another record next year with 5,000 graduates.

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Sinclair’s 10 highest paid employees last year were:

1. Steven Johnson, president: $411,570

2. Dave Collins, senior vice president of provost’s office: $170,566

3. Jeff Boudouris, vice president and CFO: $170,566

4. Deb Norris, senior vice president of Workforce Development: $168,474

5. Madeline Iseli, senior vice president of advancement: $164,487


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