5 things Donald Trump supporters said in Cincinnati

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

See the Trump rally in Cincinnati - Produced by Lynn Hulsry

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Here’s what some supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said at his rally at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati on Thursday, October 13.

Gary Larocca, Midland, Ohio:

“What the man is saying is absolutely, in my opinion what a lot of people are thinking, but they won’t say. Fortunately, he’s in a position where he could do that.”

“A lot of people really don’t believe that our government as it is today, probably in the last 20, 30 years, has really been for the people.”

Russ Harris, Monroe, Ohio:

“I thought it was spot on, in my opinion, trying to make America great, get us more jobs, defending our borders.”

Melinda Klueber, Northern Kentucky

“I just fear for what’s going in the public now and I fear for the haters on the other side that really … I don’t know where they’ve been in the last eight years to notice the difference in the country and how it’s gone terribly in the direction that it has.”

“I believe, and strongly believe, in his policies and I want to feel safe again, and I’ve seen the last 8 years what it’s done to me physically — where I’ve almost lost my home through the recession and now I’m unemployed. I don’t like the corruption.”

Lynnda Clark, Louisville, Kentucky

“I just feel passionate about Trump. It’s a revolution, it’s a movement. I don’t think we’ll every see it again in our lifetime. And I think he’s going to win and he’s going to win big. I think he’ll be another Ronald Reagan. He gives me hope.”

“What upsets me is the fact that Republicans turn their back on their candidate and I’m talking about the Speaker of the House (and the) Senate. It infuriates me and I think a lot of Republicans won’t vote straight ticket on that. To me it’s treason. It’s just wrong to not support your party.”

George Sloan, Madison, Alabama

“I think he’s the only person who can save this country right now, he and Mike Pence. We’re going down fast. This country’s going down fast right now.”

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