Toddler hit by car still hospitalized

A 13-month-old boy who was struck by a car Wednesday night is still in critical condition at Dayton Children’s Hospital Thursday evening.

The family of Keilyn Jackson said the boy has undergone one brain surgery and could face more operations to repair his jaw and facial bones.

“He’s heavily sedated,” said his aunt LaDawn Porter. “But he’s responsive to his mother’s voice.” She said he will be in the hospital a minimum of six weeks.

Meanwhile, Trotwood Police are considering whether to charge the teenage driver who apparently struck the toddler and a teen by accident.

Police have not released the names of the other victim or the driver in that crash.

Trotwood police Capt. John Porter said investigators are determining whether to charge the 18-year-old female who was driving without a license when she accidently struck a stroller carrying the child. An 18-year-old male who tried to rescue the toddler from being hit was also injured. His condition was unknown Thursday evening.

Ladawn Porter said Jackson’s family reached out Thursday to that teen and his family. “We want to thank him,” she said.

Police at the scene said the baby was in a stroller in a yard at the Meadowlark Apartments, 4836 Biddison, when a car driven by the female backed over a curb and struck the stroller. Jackson suffered a broken lef in addition to severe head trauma.

Police told News Center 7 that the 18-year-old female driver does not have a driver’s license and was attempting to move the vehicle for another individual. She ended up backing into the yard and then back onto the pavement where she struck another vehicle.

She was also transported to a local hospital after she was located behind a nearby church suffering from an apparent panic attack, police said. They said she was cooperating fully with their investigation.

Jackson’s family said the apartment complex has started taking donations to help the family with their expenses.