Neighbor feared Hamilton home struck by car would one day be hit

Sarah Kuhn had been predicting for about two years that one of two houses at the intersection of Lagonda Avenue and Summer Street in Hamilton would someday be hit by a vehicle.

That day was Wednesday, late in the afternoon, when a black Honda CR-V went off the left side of a curve on Summer Street, down a steep hill and into a small Hamilton house.

Emergency officials said nobody was inside the house at the time. The driver did not appear to be injured.

Kuhn, a neighbor, said she later saw the driver taken away in handcuffs.

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Not long before the wreck, Kuhn said the same vehicle drove the opposite way up Summer, before quickly driving down it at the time of the crash. She heard the noise and called emergency 911 dispatchers.

“Literally 5 minutes before, my son came up this hill with our dog,” said Kuhn, relieved they weren’t hit.

According to scanner traffic, there was a smell of natural gas after the wreck, and the gas was turned off at the property.

Lagonda is on the west side of the city, about five blocks north of the Black Street Bridge, just off North B Street.

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