Understanding rules for concealed carry weapons at Wright-Patt

Along with the Second Amendment rights and privileges of gun ownership and operation comes the responsibility of properly carrying weapons, especially for personnel who live on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

“As of March 23, 2015, Ohio recognizes concealed handgun licenses from all states, according to the Ohio Attorney General’s website,” said Staff Sgt. Daniel George, NCO in charge, Police Services, 88th Security Forces Squadron. “However, the base does not offer CCW classes, and while on base property CCW holders are not authorized to carry their firearm.”

George stipulated that all CCWs permit holders who live in the enlisted dormitories on Area A are not authorized firearms in their rooms. If they own a weapon, it must be stored in the 88th Security Forces Armory, Bldg. 295, Area A.

“If dormitory Airmen wish to check the weapon out and go to an off-base range, they can do so, but they need to leave the weapon in a locked case separate from the ammunition in the trunk of their vehicle, not accessible to driver or passengers, until they are off base property,” George said.

He said when service members returning to the base with a weapon (properly stored and not accessible), they must inform the gate guard they are returning their weapon for storage in the Security Forces armory.

“Residents of the Properties at Wright Field are authorized to have their firearms in their residence, but they must utilize the same process as if they were taking their weapon out of the SF armory,” he said. “They must register their firearms with the housing management, which will then be sent to Security Forces for filing.”

Residents of the Prairies can store their weapons in their homes as long as their firearms are registered with the Prairies housing office, and they should ensure their weapons are not accessible to minors who may inadvertently fire the weapon, causing injury or death.

For additional information, call George at 937-522-4211.

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